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2001 October - Vol.1 No.1 Law students publication, University of Alberta, Canada

Welcome from the Editor

Welcome to Canons for those of you new to the law school, and welcome back to everyone returning to these hallowed halls. We hope you had an excellent summer recharging your batteries and, where applicable, allowing time to dull the pain of April exams.

On a serious note, we deeply regret that the events of September 11 and those since have caused despair throughout the world and will have the unfortunate result of reinforcing the very intolerance that motivated those acts. Despite this, or indeed because of it, the massacres in New York and Washington remind us that, as future intermediaries between disputing parties, it's vital that we approach our profession with a commitment to promoting understanding and not just a commitment to win. Without short-term compromises there are no long-term solutions, and we would be wise to not lose sight of this as we use the law and our influence to help resolve differences.

In this spirit, we invite you to share your concerns on the pages of your school newspaper. Whether they are matters of justice or just ideas you think will make law school life better, if it matters to you, let us all know. Take a break from all this legal stuff and share what's on your mind. If you are part of a club, let us know what you're doing. If you have a beef, others probably have it too. So start something. Say something. Get published. We invite submissions from all.

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