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Rugby Alumni Weekend

  By: Chris McKay (3L)

Well, the calendar has already turned to October. For some of you that means that you are a month behind in your readings. For others, it means that only seven months of law school remains. For our purposes here, however, it means that its time to recap another successful alumni weekend.

The Golden Bearristers sought to overcome a lengthy losing streak in this contest, and Team Captain and All-Star forward Colin Luke felt this was the year. Despite having a large contingent of rookies, there was ample athletic ability to pull off an upset. So, the stage was set for another classic battle between the youthful Golden Bearristers and their older and fatter foes, the Olden Bearristers.

The game started slowly, with the Olden Bearristers (a.k.a. the Alumni) holding a territorial advantage. If it were not for some fine tackling and scrumming, the Olders would have scored in the first quarter. The second quarter saw a leveling of the field position, but Dave Benjestorf scored a try late in the quarter to put the Olden Bearristers up 5-0 at halftime.

Following a short break for halftime and a pep talk from our team of coaches, play was again underway. A broken scrum inside the Bearrister 22 led to a second Olders score, with Jason Wilkins picking the ball and taking it in relatively untouched for the second try of the game. Following the conversion, the Olden Bearristers took what appeared to be a commanding 12-0 lead. Urged on by Captain Luke, the Bearristers continued to battle their way back into the game. A brilliant run by Sacha Fedora put the Bearristers into scoring position, and following a penalty to the Olders, Colin Luke made a terrific run and pass to winger Kelly Powell for a try. Mike Munoz made a great kick for conversion from the corner to cut the Olders lead to 12-7.

Regrettably for the Bearristers, time expired with their enthusiasm at a peak, and the Olden Bearristers gasping for air. Colin Luke said it best in his post game speech to the team when he remarked that "they [The Alumni] won’t be getting out of bed tomrrow. We gave them a helluva game boys!"

One of the most important facets of Alumni weekend, aside from the game itself, is impressing upon the first year players the pride that each of us take in being members of the Bearristers and the importance that the team continue to grow and be a vital part of the law school. That goal seemingly achieved, Colin Luke awarded the Golden Boot to Darrin Naffin, captain of the Alumni. The day ended with a barbeque hosted by the Bearristers at the Nor-wester clubhouse.

I would be remiss if I didn’t end this recap by passing out some thank you’s. First of all, thank you to our sponsor, Labatt’s, as well as the Nor’wester Rugby Club for allowing us once again to utilize their field and clubhouse for our big event. A special thank you to the Women’s Rugby team and alumni for providing an entertaining exhibition following the Alumni Classic. A final thank you to all those students, present and past, who made it out to cheer on both sides and make the 2001 Alumni Weekend another one to remember. On a personal note, I hope to see all those rookies and 2Ls next year at this time for the 2002 Alumni Game.

Bring it on!

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