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Do we need a Women’s Law Forum?

   By: Wanda E. Simpson (1L)

Do we need bra burners, ball-busters, bitter old broads, and troublemakers? Times have changed; women are treated as equals now. The women who find problems are looking for them. Right?

Unfortunately, women going about their everyday lives still face inexcusable prejudice and outrageous conduct from people who should know better. We aren’t talking about political correctness. We’re talking about things that immediately affect the quality of our lives. We need the support of our colleagues -- women and men -- to fight some of the attitudes that persist in this and other societies.

The Women’s Law Forum meets monthly to address issues that concern women in the law profession. Education and awareness are major concerns. We host first class speakers. Last year Kathleen Mahoney talked about women in war in Bosnia. This year our first speaker will talk about the Taliban. Watch for posters. All students and faculty are welcome.

We encourage people to attend our meetings. The more perspectives presented, the more we learn.
The next meeting is on October10 at 12:15PM in room 448.

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