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2001 October - Vol.1 No.1 Law students publication, University of Alberta, Canada

Comings and Goings of the Law Students Association L.S.A.

By: Cam Danyluk (V.P. Social)

September is usually the busiest month for the L.S.A and this year was no exception. With the start of another school year came the First Friday Back Party, which was very well attended; a good time was had by all… who could remember it. The El Hacko golf tournament was resurrected this year and held on September 14. River Ridge was the host golf course for over 50 players dressed in whatever costume they desired. The winning team of Scott Hipfner, Cam Danyluk, Adam Todd, Brian Kiers and Mark Sawyer shot seven under par in the nine hole scramble. The following weekend held the annual Law’s a Beach softball tournament, BBQ and dance. A quick thank you to Professors Hopp, Litman, and Sprysak for attending. Professor Hopp starred for the 3L team and batted .650, which won him the Golden Glove Award. The 3L’s tryout camp, held prior to the weekend, paid off handsomely as they were crowned champions of the softball tournament... by a landslide. They also won the Anti-Recreational Award for having the most players wearing baseball cleats and batting gloves.

The L.S.A. was also busy indoctrinating the new first year students. The pre-orientation party and the orientation itself were quite successful. The first year election had an extraordinary number of eight candidates this year - higher than any other year in recent memory. Dave Rechlo and John Pak were the victors and have joined the L.S.A. executive.

The L.S.A. has kept up with its services for the student body: security cards, lockers, and Who’s Who information have all been handled in September, while CANS will be on sale and delivered in the October.

The remainder of the first term activities include the Halloween party, being held at the Rev this year, as well as the Christmas party for children of students, to be held early in December. And of course two more FABS will be hosted this term on October 12 and November 16.

Finally, the executive is currently looking at some new events to freshen up law school activities. Details will follow shortly.

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