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Graduates Survey - 2002 - Faculty of Law, University of Alberta

1) The first to be called to the bench? - Justice Peter Banks has a nice ring to it.

2) The first to have a billboard advertisement? - Chris Millsap. Second: Chady Moustarah. Notable: Chris Veale.

3) The next John Grisham? - Leigh Peters

4) The first to return to the U of A as a professor? - Deb Szatylo.

5) The first to leave law for politics? - Mike Reid. Mike has already embarked on this one.

6) The first to argue before the Supreme Court of Canada? - Jeremiah Kowalchuk. Notables: Karen Gawne; Patrick Duffy.

7) The first to return as an advising lawyer for SLS? - Ben Horcica. Notables: Charla Hall; Dave Grout.

8) Male fashion plate of the year? - Jason Pannu.

9) Female fashion plate of the year? - Charla Hall.

10) The student(s) with the most frequently changing hairstyle? - This one is a tie between Susan Karpa and Maggie Kraskiewicz. Notable: Mark Woltersdorf

11) The most anonymous student? - Damien ???

12) The student most often in the library? - Stacey McCreath.

13) The student(s) with the most athletic prowess? - Sorry guys, Ryana Allen wins this one going away.

14) The biggest consumer of coffee in the last three years? - This one is a tossup. At different times, I am sure that we would all qualify. On this occasion Paulette DeKelver and Mark Woltersdorf tie for the victory.

15) The students who nap the most in class? - Ira Cooper, too many nights out until 5:00 am Ira. Notable: Crystal Dabski.

16) The students who do the best prof imitations? - Little doubt that Craig Grubisich wins this one.

17)The Champion beer consumer in the last three years? - Also a no brainer, Christian Weisenberger (Stretch)

18) Has hosted the wildest law school party? - Only unanimous choice: Leigh Peters and Dan Pichette.

19) Missed the most classes? - Stretch takes this one as well. Notables: Chady Moustarah, Mikle Carter

20) The student(s) who were late for the most classes in the last three years? - El Presidente Chris "I am running a little behind" Veale. Notable: Sukhi Sidhu.

21) The student with the biggestbank of trivial knowledge? - Chris Millsap (mostly related to the Simpsons, apparantly)

22) The most laid back and easy going student(s)? - Ben Horcica. Notables: Stretch.

23) The male student with the biggest ego? - Mike Munoz. Notable: Curtis Schmeichel.

24) Mr. Congeniality? - Another obvious choice, this tie for Brian Kinzie.

25) Ms. Congeniality? - Elizabeth Tatchyn. Notables: Paulette Dekelver, Helen park.

26) The person who has dated the most law students? - Another tie, this time between Dan Pichette and Michelle Belland.

27) The first two graduating students to marry eachother? - Brian kinzie and Helen Park.

28) The hardest working law student? - Tie between Peter Banks and Deb Szatylo. They put us all to shame.

29) Most likely to retire from law and become a rock and roll musician? - Narrow victory for jason Golbey. Second Place was Robert Sera.

30) The first person to be quoted in a Supreme Court of Canada decision? - Simon Rabinovich. notable: Peter Banks.

31) The funniest student? - Tie between Chris Millsap (see Simpsons) and Sharon Buckley-Tkach.

32) The video game star? - Ira Cooper.

33) The hairiest student? - Tie between Randy Williams and Mike Simons. Notables brian McHale, Ira Cooper and Ben Cairo.

34) Homecoming King? - Tom Duke.

35) Homecoming Queen? - Michelle Belland.

36) First to appear on Broadway? - Benjamin Evans, although Ron Hopp (alumni) also recieved recognition.

37) The first millionaire? - Jason Pannu. Notable: Mark Woltersdorf.

38) First student to play golf for a living? - Brian Futoransky. Little doubt about this one. Worth mentioning: Cam Pham.

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