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Justice balances
· Health Law in the 21st Century
· Canadian Bioethics Society Conference

Career Services
· articling positions and summer jobs

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· Four-Year Strategic Business Plan 2002/2003 to 2005/2006
read Dean Lewis Klar

· "BUILDERS' WALL" 2002 dedication
read Mona Chan

· Madame Justice Ellen Picard - interview
read Anubhav Chaitanya

· U.A. Mooting Team to attend The Commonwealth Law Students Mooting Competition
read Peggy Kemp

· Introducing Professor Michael Pratt - interview
read Chris McKay

· Law Show raises $$$ for Kids' Kottage!
read Owen Kirkalday (2L)

· The True Meaning of Law Show
read Mark Woltersdorf (3L), Producer, Law Show 2002

· CBA - Canada Bar Association - News:  What it is, What it was, What it will be.
read Krista Bennett (3L) Chair, CBA Law Students Section

· 2002 Graduates Survey
read goals, dreams and projections


· Precedent and Innovation:  Health Law in the 21st Century
will be held in Edmonton, Alberta on September 27 and 28, 2002 at the Hotel Macdonald. for more info clck here

· 14th Annual Canadian Bioethics Society Conference
to be held at the Victoria Conference Centre, October 17-20, 2002 in Victoria, BC, Canada.

A first year law class - CLICK for enlargement


·  Career Services - Articling Positions & Summer Jobs -New Stuff
read Patricia E. Spencer, LL.B.
Career Services Officer, Faculty of Law, University of Alberta

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