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Krista Bennett (3L) Chair, Law Students Section, Canada Bar Association
Nov. 2001
Faculty of Law, University of Alberta

It has been a great year so far for the CBA Law Students Section. I am pleased to report that we have the most members, now just over 200, that the Students section has seen in at least five years. I have received great feedback from the other CBA sections regarding how pleased they are that so many students are attending the downtown CBA meetings. I want to thank this year's membership for their enthusiasm.

To recap our year to date: it began with the best attended wine and cheese welcome reception yet and continued with our initial speaker, Professor O'Byrne, who discussed how to survive law school. We have also been lucky to have a further two speakers this term. Barry Vogel, the Law Practice Advisor for the Law Society who discussed Civility and its role in the courts and practice; and Marla Miller, a partner in the firm of Miller Bolieau, explained the developing and dynamic field of Collaborative Family Law. A great time and a free lunch were had by all!!!

Most recently, the CBA hosted the yearly Mentor Reception where students met the lawyers they have been matched with for the year. This was a great opportunity for law students to meet and mingle with some of Edmonton's top practitioners in a number of fields. These lawyers gave generously of their time to meet with their mentees at the reception, and meetings will continue throughout the school year. Approximately 176 people attended the reception making this the most successful reception in recent years.

Watch for three more speakers next term including National CBA President Eric Rice in January. We will also be organizing a Judges' reception which will be geared to third year CBA members and will give them a chance to get to know Edmonton's judiciary. Other programs include police ride-alongs and a women's prison tour. For those of you not yet members who want to mingle with practicing lawyers at the downtown meetings or take advantage of our other programming, membership forms are still available on the CBA board. Completed memberships may be dropped off at the CBA office, Room 100F during our office hours: Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 12:00-12:50pm.

Thank you to our membership for their support during this year.

© 2001 Krista Bennet, Chair Law Students Section, Canada Bar Association
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