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A View From The Gavel

Owen Kirkaldy (3L)

What can a person say about the gavel?   Popular lunch hangout, FABS location, meeting place, TV lounge, and all-purpose relaxation centre. It has even been known to be the host location for napping, rug hooking, Jeopardy, political debate, and (in extremely unusual cases) studying. For me, for the last three years, it has been a home away from home, and even a home when I had no real home of which to speak.. I am tempted to think that if I lived in Hub Mall, that I could take part in a competition like that out of the film, "Way Downtown" wherein office workers whose residences and places of business were linked by the Calgary +15 system competed to see who could go longest without going outside. I have realized recently that I have been rather insular in my life here in Edmonton. If I need to take a vehicle to get there, I don't go, unless it is an LSA bus. My view of Edmonton for three years has been the University and Old Strathcona. Can this be healthy? Well, I suppose walking is healthy, but I really haven't seen much of the city. Even the vaunted MALL has only been a destination when there was a Law School event at Red's.

I blame the Faculty of Law as a whole for my never having seen much of Edmonton. They have created a community that is too interesting, too vibrant, and too welcoming. Had the people in this school been as distant and unaccommodating as those I met during my undergraduate degree, I would have been forced to find people and activities outside law to distract me from the rigours of my day to day life. About the only thing I can think of that would make this school any more prone to communal spirit would be regular movie nights in 231/237 on the big screens. Then I wouldn't even need to go to the movies.

I want to remember this communal feeling once I leave here. I want to be part of a legal community in the sense of it being a community of lawyers, not simply a group with a common profession. I sincerely hope that the relationships that have grown in this building will transfer beyond these four walls. Sure, the outside world is full of people I don't know, but so was U of A Law when I arrived. Am I being naive? Oh, probably. I can always dream, though, can't I?

Actually, that movie night thing isn't such a bad idea. Maybe I'll bring it up the next time I see the Dean.

Cheers for now, and don't forget to get your ticket to Vin Ordinaire.

Vin Ordinaire

Owen Kirkaldy (3L)

It's that time again, folks. Vin Ordinaire will be hosting its second and last event of the year on Thursday March the 6th at 8:00 PM.  The theme will be "The Wines of Spain" and there will be food provided.  We will taste three wines, and ticket prices should still be $15. Tickets should be on sale after Reading Week. Unless there is overwhelming response that would make us reconsider, there will probably be only 40 tickets available. Tickets sold out for the last event, so get yours early.

I want to thank everyone who has helped with Vin Ordinaire during my time as organizer, and I especially want to thank Murray Ross for his help and for taking over now that I have stepped down. This means that I will finally be able to drink wine at a Vin Ordinaire, something that I haven't been able to do since October of 2000. I also want to thank all the volunteers that have come forward from the First-Year class to help out this year.Your support has helped to ensure that there will be many more Vins to come.

Slantie, Skoal, Cheers, Proist, Chin Chin, Salut, and any other toast you can think of.

See "View from the Gavel" by Owen Kirkaldy (article above this one)

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Vin Ordinaire

Theme - Wines of Spain
March 06, 2003, 8:00 p.m.

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